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LEL - Definition by AcronymFinder
13 definitions of LEL. Meaning of LEL. What does LEL stand for? LEL abbreviation. Define LEL at Menu Search. New search ...

Explosive Definition of Explosive by Merriam-Webster
Define explosive: relating to, characterized by, or operated by explosion; resulting from or as if from an explosion ? explosive in a sentence

Hallel Definition of Hallel by Merriam-Webster
Define Hallel: a selection comprising Psalms 113?118 chanted during Jewish feasts (such as the Passover)

Parallel Define Parallel at
Parallel definition, extending in the same direction, equidistant at all points, and never converging or diverging: parallel rows of trees. See more.

Parallel - definition of parallel by The Free Dictionary
par·al·lel (p?r′?-l?l′) adj. 1. Being an equal distance apart everywhere: dancers in two parallel rows. See Usage Note at absolute. 2. Mathematics a. Of ...

Le Define Le at
Le definition, a suffix of verbs having a frequentative force: dazzle; twinkle. See more.

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Definition of HDL, LDL & VLDL. Your doctor will run a blood panel to check your cholesterol levels. Having high cholesterol is very damaging to your heart and, ...

Allele - definition of allele by The Free Dictionary
Define allele. allele synonyms, ... al?lel′ism, n. al·lele (?-l?l′) Any of the possible forms in which a gene for a specific trait can occur.

O2 definition of O2 by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of O2 in the Medical Dictionary? O2 explanation free. What is O2? Meaning of O2 medical term. What does O2 mean?

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The word letters
The word lel uses 3 letters.

The letters used in lel

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ell lle

Word scramble of lel

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A Add - alle eall elal ella lael lale leal lela
B Add - bell blel lebl lelb
C Add - cell clel lelc
D Add - dell leld lled
M Add - elml emll mell mlle
N Add - llen llne nell nlle
O Add - ello lelo leol lleo loel lole olle
P Add - ellp pell
R Add - erll ller rell
S Add - ells lels lesl lles sell
T Add - lelt llet tell tlle
U Add - ellu elul lelu leul lleu lule ulle
V Add - lelv levl llve vell
W Add - llew well
X Add - xell
Y Add - elly lely lyle yell
Z Add - zell

Short words found in lel

ll el ee le More >

Words starting with lel

lelydorp lelegian lellouch lelbuch lelldorin lelang lella leleiohaku leliwa lelyveld

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Words ending in lel

drullel parellel heylel nflel contraparallel middlel gilel mollel arallel nonparallel

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Words containing lel

shillelaghs callely ifleld pseudoalleles nontsikelelo peleli muzzleloaders pseudoallelic brittlely colello

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