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Linen Definition of Linen by Merriam-Webster
Define linen: made of flax; made of or resembling linen ? linen in a sentence.

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Linen definition, fabric woven from flax yarns. See more.

The word letters
The word linin uses 5 letters.

The letters used in linin

I I L N N anagram solver >

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Word scramble of linin

iilnn ilnni lnnii nniil niiln More >
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Add one letter to the 'IILNN' letters

A Add - lanini linian anilin nalini nilani nilian inanli
B Add - binlin
C Add - inclin
E Add - leinin linein linien linnie nineli inline
G Add - lignin lining linnig nilgin inglin
O Add - lionni nolini onlini
P Add - linpin
S Add - linins
T Add - lintin
U Add - lunini inulin
V Add - vilinn
X Add - xinlin
Y Add - yinlin
Z Add - ninzil

Short words found in linin

lli innn More >

Words starting with linin

lininger linings liningston linington lininess liningless linins lininecarn lining

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Words ending in linin

kaptelinin malinin ahalinin paralinin mussolinin dublinin dilinin khmelinin kalinin kallinin

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Words containing linin

handlining declining kalinina streamlining bricklining declininsts redisciplining chalinine preoutlining unreclining

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