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Ben Aris - Wikipedia
Benjamin Patrick Aris (16 March 1937 ? 4 September 2003) was an English actor who was best known for his parts in Hi-de-Hi! and To the Manor Born, and was also very active on stage.He was often cast as an eccentric, upper-class, or upper-middle class, man.

Marjorie - Wikipedia
Marjorie is a female given name derived from Margaret, which means pearl.It can also be spelled as Margery or Marjory.Marjorie is a medieval variant of Margery, influenced by the name of the herb marjoram.It came into English from the Old French, from the Latin margarita (pearl).. After the Middle Ages this name was rare, but it was revived at the end of the 19th century.

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The word maxse uses 5 letters.

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sexam maxes exams samex

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saxs maxe asex mses xx amm maaa More >

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