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Define MEMA at Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools " Abbreviation to define. ... What does MEMA stand for?

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Define MEMA. MEMA synonyms, MEMA pronunciation, MEMA translation, English dictionary definition of MEMA. n. pl. mem·os A memorandum. n , ...

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Definition of MEMA in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is MEMA? Meaning of MEMA as a legal term.

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Maine Emergency Management Agency coordinates the State of Maine's programs of emergency preparedness, response, recovery, ... Dam Safety Terms and Definitions

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Define meme: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture ? meme in a sentence

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mema definition: my enthusiast, would go to college from me personally; A slang term for a grandmother. Used in numerous south says, including Tx, Arkansas, Georgia ...

The word letters
The word mema uses 4 letters.

The letters used in mema

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mema related words
No relate anagrams for mema found in this word list.
Direct anagrams of mema

4 spelling changes that would make English easier

aemm amem amme emam emma maem mame meam mmea

Word scramble of mema

aemm emma mmae maem More >
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N Add - ammen emman mamen manem menam menma mname namem namme nemam
O Add - maemo mameo mamoe meoma moema
P Add - aemmp
Q Add - meqam
R Add - ammer mamer mamre marem memar meram mrema ramme reamm
S Add - emams emmas esmam mames masme meams mesma samme
T Add - mamet matem metam tamme teamm temam temma tmema
U Add - muema
V Add - vemma
W Add - memaw mwema
X Add - memax xmame
Y Add - mamey mayem mayme yemma
Z Add - mezam

Short words found in mema

amm aee mm ame mee eme ema mam eaa aea eem emm mem maa ama me am aam More >

Words starting with mema

memaliaj memasho memajukan memar memak memani memag memax memaildirect memari

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Words ending in mema

fomema pamema phenomema dakmema brachytmema dolichotmema tmema zimema brachtmema shamema

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Words containing mema

rhymemaker slimeman limeman flameman kommemarri framemakers plumemaker gamemaker bitememan blamemanship

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