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In subtraction, a subtrahend is subtracted from a minuend to find a difference.. In the following equation, 9 is the minuend, 3 is the subtrahend, and 6 is the difference. 9 ? 3 = 6. Multiplication

3. In the problem 10 ? 4 = 6, what is the correct term for ...
3. In the problem 10 ? 4 = 6, what is the correct term for the number 4? A. Product B. Subtrahend C. Difference D. Minuend

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The word minuend uses 7 letters.

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7 spelling changes that would make English easier

unmined menudin mundine

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deimnnu eimnnud imnnude mnnudei nnudeim nudeimn udeimnn More >
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Add one letter to the 'DEIMNNU' letters

A Add - numidean unmaiden
B Add - unnimbed
C Add - unminced

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mumi mimed neu eddini im imdm inim neni idi More >

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No anagrams for Words ending in minuend

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diminuendoed diminuendi diminuendos diminuenda diminuendo

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