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Social pretend play and social interaction in preschoolers ...
Their interactions within social pretend play and social nonpretend activities were observed and compared. The results indicated that during pretend play, children's social interactions were more enjoyable, lasted longer, involved larger groups, and showed more …

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Compared with social nonpretend activities such as drawing or putting puzzles together, sociodramatic play draws preschoolers' interactions to last longer, show more involvement, attract more children into the activity, and are more cooperative.

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A quantitative comparison of several linguistic features occurring in the pretend and nonpretend activity of three age groups of preschoolers sup- ported the hypothesis that the language of social pretend play differs from that used in nonpretend interaction.

Social pretend play and social interaction in preschoolers ...
Social interaction was observed during social pretend play and nonpretend activities to determine whether positive and mature social behaviors were differentially associated with the pretend context.

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Preschoolers' interactions _____ during sociodramatic play than in social nonpretend activities. are more cooperative. Research on the development of make-believe play indicates that. preschoolers who spend more time at sociodramatic play are seen as more socially competent by their teachers.
Social Coordination During Pretend Play: Comparisons With Nonpretend Play and Effects on Expressive Content Created Date: 20160808212949Z ...

Playful Literacy Activities and Learning: Preliminary ...
Results indicated that each girl engaged in playful literacy activities in both pretend and nonpretend contexts. When new information about literacy artifacts was presented, the girls gradually incorporated parts of that information into their play.

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