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Noureddine Morceli - Wikipedia
Noureddine Morceli (Arabic: ??? ????? ????? ?, N?r ud-D?n Mursil?; born February 28, 1970) is a retired Algerian middle-distance runner. He was the winner of the 1500 metres at the 1996 Summer Olympics and won three straight gold medals at that distance at the World Championships in Athletics .

Nur al-Din - Wikipedia
Nuruddin (Arabic: ??? ????? ?, translit. n?r ad-d?n) is a male Arabic given name, translating to "light of the religion", n?r meaning "light" and d?n meaning "religion". More recently, the name has also been used as a surname. There are many Romanized spelling variants of the name. The element ??? can be spelled Nur, Noor, Nor or Nour. ...

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The word nouredinne uses 10 letters.

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deeinnnoru eeinnnorud einnnorude innnorudee nnnorudeei nnorudeein norudeeinn orudeeinnn rudeeinnno udeeinnnor More >
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rnie ndered neu eordu doine eundo eddini nero ornee nrdi ruren neder rounde neni idi ruener More >

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