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Peal Define Peal at
Peal definition, a loud, prolonged ringing of bells. See more.

Peal - definition of peal by The Free Dictionary
A ringing of a set of bells, especially a change or set of changes rung on bells. 2. A set of bells tuned to each other; a chime. 3. A loud burst of noise: peals of ...

Peal dictionary definition peal defined - YourDictionary
the loud ringing of a bell or set of bells. a set of tuned bells; chimes; carillon; the ringing of changes on such a set of bells. any loud, prolonged sound, as of ...

PEAL in Scrabble Words With Friends score & PEAL definition
Verify PEAL in Scrabble dictionary and games, check PEAL definition, PEAL in wwf, Words With Friends score for PEAL, definition of PEAL.

Pillion Definition of Pillion by Merriam-Webster
Define pillion: a light saddle for women consisting chiefly of a cushion ... Scots Gaelic or Irish; Scottish Gaelic pillean, diminutive of peall covering, couch; Irish ...

What does pillion mean? -
Definition of pillion in the dictionary. Meaning of pillion. ... [Ir. pilliun, Gael. pillean, a pad, a pack-saddle?peall, a skin or mat, L. pellis, skin.] ...

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The word peall uses 5 letters.

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5 spelling changes that would make English easier

lapel apell lepal palel palle pella

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aellp ellpa llpae lpael paell More >
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R Add - pellar pralle aprell paller parell
S Add - pellas lapels lelaps llapse allsep apsell aspell spalle spella paells palles pasell
T Add - pellat platel pletal telpal pallet paltel patell
U Add - puella pullae paluel palule
X Add - plexal
Y Add - pellay playel playle lapley palely palley
Z Add - pellaz

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pppl lpa lel paea epal plae alll pale leep More >

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Words containing peall

appealling apeallate appealled unappealling apealled repealling repealless

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