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Origin of pease. before 900; Middle English pese, Old English peose, pise < Late Latin pisa feminine singular use of plural of Latin pisum (neuter) < Greek pison ...

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Pease definition: a pea Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.>

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pease definition: 1. pl. peas′es or peas′en Obs. a pea 2. Brit., Dial., Archaic peaOrigin of peasesee pea...

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Define pease. pease synonyms, pease pronunciation, pease translation, English dictionary definition of pease. n. pl. pease or peas·en Archaic A pea. n , pl ...

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Pea definition is - a variable annual Eurasian vine (Pisum sativum) of the ... c peas also pease plural : the immature pods of the pea with their included seeds.

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Definition of pease in the dictionary. ... Information and translations of pease in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the ...

pea - Dictionary Definition :
A pea is a plant that grows small, green, edible seeds ? also called peas. When you think of peas, you undoubtedly picture the little green things on your plate ...

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The word pease uses 5 letters.

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speea apsee paese eaesp pseae esape saepe

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aeeps eepsa epsae psaee saeep More >
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T Add - peates peseta eastep estepa etapes sapete septae asteep spaete patese
V Add - pevesa espave speave pavese
W Add - pesewa weasep pwease pawsee
X Add - apexes sexape
Y Add - payees paysee peasey yapese
Z Add - peazes

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paea eeps pesp sepe spae spap spea More >

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peasefields peasen peaselike peases peasegood peasenats peaseant peasent peasenell peasemold

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appease reappease apease trapease spease

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Words containing pease

unappeasedness appeasement appeaser unappeasedly appeased appeasers appeases unappeased appeasements dispeased

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