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Pella definition, a ruined city in N Greece, NW of Salonika: the capital of ancient Macedonia; birthplace of Alexander the Great. See more.

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An ancient city of Greek Macedonia. It was the capital of Macedon from the fourth century to 168 bc, when the territory was conquered by the Romans. American ...

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lapel apell lepal palel palle peall

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aellp ellpa llpae lpael paell More >
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R Add - pellar pralle aprell paller parell
S Add - pellas lapels lelaps llapse allsep apsell aspell spalle spella paells palles pasell
T Add - pellat platel pletal telpal pallet paltel patell
U Add - puella pullae paluel palule
X Add - plexal
Y Add - pellay playel playle lapley palely palley
Z Add - pellaz

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pppl lpa lel paea epal plae alll pale leep More >

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pellagras pellaud pellaprat pellagrins pellard pelland pellage pellagrous pellaken pellaton

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ackapella apella priapella dragapella supella cempella acappella tampella anticapella rockapella

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monocarpellary propellantless propellation compellable acapellas capellans dicarpellary pluricarpellary tetracarpellary appellatus

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