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Pila Definition of Pila by Merriam-Webster
:the type genus of the family Pilidae comprising apple snails with dextral shells. There's more! Love words? You must ? there are over 200,000 words in our free  ...

PILAS - definition of PILAS by The Free Dictionary
A quantity of objects stacked or thrown together in a heap. See Synonyms at heap. 2. Informal. a. A large accumulation or quantity: a pile of work to do. b. A large ...

pilas definition Spanish definition dictionary Reverso
pilas definition,meaning,Spanish dictionary, examples,see also 'pila',pila',pilastra' ,pilar',Reverso dictionary,Spanish definition,Spanish vocabulary.

pila definition Latin Dictionary
pila according to the free Latin Dictionary. N F ball (play/decorative); sphere; mortar vessel in which things are pounded.

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The word pilas uses 5 letters.

The letters used in pilas

A I L P S anagram solver >

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5 spelling changes that would make English easier

silpa sipla spail spial iplsa alips alisp alsip lapis lapsi laspi aspli lipas lisap pails palis palsi pisal plais psila salip sapil

Word scramble of pilas

ailps ilpsa lpsai psail sailp More >
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T Add - pilats pitals plaits plasti platis alpist asplit silpat spalti spital pastil patils
U Add - pilaus pisula plusia pusila saipul sipula supial paulis
V Add - plavis pavlis
W Add - pilaws
Y Add - pylias ypsila isplay paisly

Short words found in pilas

pppl lpa ipsp saai lss lasi sspi lli slpp alip lip apil ipsi aaia pasi laia isli ppi aali lals spap lsl alll lis slps More >

Words starting with pilas

pilasters pilastrade pilastered pilastri pilastraded pilaster pilastering pilaski

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Words ending in pilas

apilas batopilas mappilas oppilas

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Words containing pilas

interpilastering interpilasters interpilaster underpilaster

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