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Pilfer Definition of Pilfer by Merriam-Webster
Pilfer has long since shed the connotations of violence in its etymological past; what's pilfered is not taken violently. Pillage , on the other hand, remains firmly rooted in violence and especially war; it is not a term you apply when someone's been sneaking cookies from a cookie jar.

Piloted - definition of piloted by The Free Dictionary
Coming toward him down the meadow was an aeroplane piloted by the black Usanga and in the seat behind the pilot was the white girl, Bertha Kircher.

What does pilferage mean? definition, meaning and ...
Dictionary entry overview: What does pilferage mean? ? PILFERAGE (noun) The noun PILFERAGE has 1 sense: 1. the act of stealing small amounts or small articles Familiarity information: PILFERAGE used as a noun is very rare.

Friendly Define Friendly at
noun, plural friend·lies. a person who is in sympathetic relationship to oneself or one's side; an ally or supporter. Show More. ... By contrast, a gun will allow a pilot to attack hostile forces that are less than 300 feet from friendly ground forces. New U.S. Stealth Jet Can’t Fire Its Gun Until 2019. Dave Majumdar. December 31, 2014.

What is a Prefilter? - Definition from Safeopedia
A pre-filter is a device which removes unwanted large matters from the air or water. Air pre-filters include masks and respirators. Supplied air in the workplace or transport vehicles has air pre-filters to remove dust, hair, insects, pollen, fibers, etc.. Water pre-filters remove sand, fibers and larger pollutants of drinking water.

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The word pilotfriend uses 11 letters.

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D E F I I L N O P R T anagram solver >

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defiilnoprt efiilnoprtd fiilnoprtde iilnoprtdef ilnoprtdefi lnoprtdefii noprtdefiil oprtdefiiln prtdefiilno rtdefiilnop tdefiilnopr More >
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pppl illiop tripol tidel eileen rnie trino dirent oofflo notdef ifleld ndered tei pedini eldred tion tiered tintti fiter perlot floro doine peleli ltee lero dorent eddini teodor dello pietro efpn fenor ot nero treend ted droop ornee defen nrdi orritt pidl ferror ldinfo oteil tilen linin rfl neder tete ltteer otool lillo oodle pinnp lotee fedot ntrti tolooe neni lel idi tpl More >

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