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Parapodium - Wikipedia
The term parapodium (Gr. para, beyond or beside + podia, feet) refers to two different organs.In annelids, parapodia are paired, un-jointed lateral outgrowths that bear the chaetae.In several groups of sea snails and sea slugs, ''parapodium'' refers to lateral fleshy protrusions.

Plank Definition of Plank by Merriam-Webster
d: an exercise in which a prone person balances on the toes and forearms while holding the rest of the body up and off the ground Do two to three sets of these moves two days a week: push-ups (work up to 25) to build chest, shoulder and triceps strength; plank (support your body on your forearms and toes for up to 60 seconds) to build ab and back strength …

Wasserlungenschnecken – Wikipedia
Merkmale. Diese Unterordnung von überwiegend luftatmenden Lungenschnecken ist durch ein Paar Fühler, an deren Basis die Augen sitzen, charakterisiert. Daher die Bezeichnung Basommatophora, aus griechisch βάσις (basis) = Grundlage, ὄμμα (omma) = Auge und φέρω (phero) = ich trage.

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The word planispiral uses 11 letters.

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A A I I L L N P P R S anagram solver >

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No Direct anagrams for planispiral found in this word list.

Word scramble of planispiral

aaiillnpprs aiillnpprsa iillnpprsaa illnpprsaai llnpprsaaii lnpprsaaiil npprsaaiill pprsaaiilln prsaaiillnp rsaaiillnpp saaiillnppr More >
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pppl nsna inspir panar lpa arnal ipsp saai plair lss sipps sanpan pilas anan slips panir passs plains rals paissa linin rasar pinnp lasi naisia sarip ssin More >

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