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1580s, back-formation from proficiency or else from Old French proficient (15c.), from Latin proficientem (nominative proficiens), present participle of proficere "to make progress, go forward, effect, accomplish, be useful" (see proficiency).

Proficient Definition of Proficient by Merriam-Webster
If you are proficient at something, you are very good at it. You are, in fact, so good at doing it that you are unusually efficient when you do it. One can also be proficient in something, such as a language.

Proficient - definition of proficient by The Free Dictionary
Synonyms: proficient, adept, skilled, skillful, accomplished, expert These adjectives mean having or showing knowledge, ability, or skill, as in a profession or field of study. Proficient implies an advanced degree of competence acquired through training: is proficient in Greek and Latin.

Proficient definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Definition of proficient from the Collins English Dictionary The colon ( : ) The colon indicates a break between two main clauses which is stronger than a comma but weaker than a full stop.

Proficient definition of proficient by Medical dictionary
So long as the assault on his faith was distant and feeble, Middleton, who was no great proficient in polemics, submitted to its effects with the patience and humility of a martyr; but the moment the good father, who felt such concern in his future happiness, was tempted to improve his vantage ground by calling in the aid of some of the peculiar subtilties of his own creed, the young man was too good a …

PROFICIENT definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Second, the more proficient students can use context better than the less proficient students. From Cambridge English Corpus Their findings indicate that, regardless of question type, the more proficient test takers performed better on 'non-matching' texts than did the less proficient.

Proficiency Definition of Proficiency by Merriam-Webster
Those grades are calculated using a formula of 80 percent proficiency and 20 percent growth ? which means that standardized test scores are essentially the sole measure.

Proficiency Define Proficiency at
There was a lot of farm labor [in his upbringing], and there was a proficiency in splitting rails.

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Definition of proficient in the dictionary. Meaning of proficient. What does proficient mean? Information and translations of proficient in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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