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VenTek Transit
The manufacturer of the ProVend II Ticket Vending Machine and other fare collection equipment for transit systems. Founded in 1958 in Novato, California, VenTek has manufactured and supported over 10,000 ticket vending machines for North American transit and parking applications.

Provenience Definition of Provenience by Merriam-Webster
Did You Know? Did you suspect that "provenience" and "provenance" originate from the same source? You're right; they're parent and child. "Provenance" is the older of the two.

Provender Definition of Provender by Merriam-Webster
Did You Know? When English speakers first chewed on the word provender around 1300, it referred to a stipend that a clergyman received from his cathedral or collegiate church, something also known as a prebend. A mere 25 years later, though, the word’s current meanings had developed. These days you’re most likely to encounter provender in articles written by food and travel writers.

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ndered veon nero droop ornee veer revend neder provd peopoe More >

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provenders provendered provends provendering provender

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