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Pygal Definition of Pygal by Merriam-Webster
Pygal definition is - of, relating to, or located in the region of the rump or posterior end of the back. How to use pygal in a sentence.

Supracaudal Definition of Supracaudal by Merriam-Webster
Supracaudal definition is - situated above the tail —used especially of the pygal and suprapygal bones and corresponding horny shields of a turtle''s carapace.

Pygal - definition of pygal by The Free Dictionary
Define pygal. pygal synonyms, pygal pronunciation, pygal translation, English dictionary definition of pygal. zoology n the rear part or a turtle or tortoise adj ...

Pygidia definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Nearby words of ''pygidia''. Pyeongchang · pygal · pygarg; pygidia; pygidium · pygmaean · Pygmalion · All ENGLISH words that begin with ''P'' ...

Pygarg definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Pygarg definition: an antelope mentioned by Pliny , Herodotus , and in the Bible, perhaps the addax Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Pyemia definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Pyemia definition: a form of blood poisoning caused by the presence in the blood of pus-producing... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Pyet dictionary definition pyet defined - YourDictionary
pyet definition: Noun (plural pyets) 1. (Scotland and northern UK) A magpie; a water ouzel.Anagrams 2. typeOrigin From pie + -et....

Pyes dictionary definition pyes defined - YourDictionary
pyes definition: Noun 1. (obsolete) plural form of pye ... ... pyemia · pyemias · pyemic · pyeongyang. pyes; pyet · pyets · pyf · pyg · pygal ...

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The word pygals uses 6 letters.

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aglpsy glpsya lpsyag psyagl syaglp yaglps More >
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algal pppl lpa lss passs ply galpa slpp aply sayag yssy yaga More >

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