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Raccoon Definition of Raccoon by Merriam-Webster
Define raccoon: a small nocturnal carnivore (Procyon lotor) of North America that is chiefly gray, has a black mask and bushy ringed tail, lives…

Racoon Definition of Racoon by Merriam-Webster
Define racoon: a small nocturnal carnivore (Procyon lotor) of North America that is chiefly gray, has a black mask and bushy ringed tail, lives…

Racoon Define Racoon at
Racoon definition, raccoon. See more. ... racoon. /r??kuːn/. noun (pl) -coons, - coon. 1. a variant spelling of raccoon. Collins English Dictionary - Complete ...

Raccoon Define Raccoon at
Raccoon definition, a nocturnal carnivore, Procyon lotor, having a masklike black stripe across the eyes, a sharp snout, and a bushy, ringed tail, native to North ...

raccoon Definition of raccoon in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of raccoon - a greyish-brown American mammal which has a foxlike face with a black mask, a ringed tail, and the habit of washing its food in wa.

Racoon definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Racoon definition: → raccoon Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

raccoon - Dictionary Definition :
A raccoon is a mammal with dextrous, hand-like front paws and dark markings on its face that look like a mask. You might see a raccoon trying to get into your ...

Raccoons - definition of raccoons by The Free Dictionary
n. pl. rac·coons or raccoon also ra·coons or racoon. 1. An omnivorous mammal ( Procyon lotor) native to the Americas and introduced elsewhere, having ...

Definition of raccoon - Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary
kun/ Function: noun. Inflected Form(s): plural raccoon or raccoons also racoon or racoons. Etymology: Virginia Algonquian raugroughcoon, arocoun "racoon"

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