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Refulgence Definition of Refulgence by Merriam-Webster
Define refulgence: a radiant or resplendent quality or state : brilliance ? refulgence in a sentence.

Refulgence Define Refulgence at
Refulgence definition, shining brightly; radiant; gleaming: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a refulgent setting for the ball. See more.

Refulgent Define Refulgent at
Refulgent definition, shining brightly; radiant; gleaming: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera ... refulgence, refulgency, refulgentness, noun.

refulgent - Dictionary Definition :
refulgentrefulgentlyrefulgencerefulgency. the "refulgent" family. Usage Examples. All SourcesFictionArts / CultureNewsBusinessSportsScience / MedTechnology.

refulgent Definition of refulgent in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Late 15th century: from Latin refulgent- 'shining out', from the verb refulgere, from re- (expressing intensive force) + fulgere 'to shine'.

Refulgence - definition of refulgence by The Free Dictionary
Define refulgence. refulgence synonyms, refulgence pronunciation, refulgence translation, English dictionary definition of refulgence. adj. Shining radiantly ...

Definition of refulgence - Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary
Main Entry: re·ful·gence. Pronunciation: ri- primarystress f udot l-j schwa n(t)s, - primarystress f schwa l- Function: noun : a radiant or shining quality or state : ...

Refulgent definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Refulgent definition: shining , brilliant , or radiant Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ... refulgence (re?fulgence) or rare refulgency (re?fulgency). noun.

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The word refulgences uses 11 letters.

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C E E E F G L N R S U anagram solver >

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