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Legend Define Legend at
Legend, originally denoting a story concerning the life of a saint, is applied to any fictitious story, sometimes involving the supernatural, and usually concerned with a real person, place, or other subject: the legend of the Holy Grail.

Legend Definition of Legend by Merriam-Webster
According to legend, the great sword Excalibur was imposing and beautiful. ? Jonathan Schifman, Popular Mechanics, "The Entire History of Steel," 9 July 2018 According to legend, Pat, weary of hot dogs, suggested that Harry go to a store and buy some beef.

legend Definition of legend in English by Oxford ...
‘The legend of the notable Saint Anton is connected to plague victims and all diseases.’ ‘That is the true meaning of the legend of Saint George.’ ‘A book that explores the Catholic faith and Mexican culture is The Lady of Guadalupe, the legend of the patron saint of Mexico.’

legend Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
The legend trip is a specific ritual, and as such takes place in "ritual time" and "ritual space".

Legend definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
A legend is a story that people talk about, concerning people, places, or events that exist or are famous at the present time. The incident has since become a family legend. His frequent brushes with death are the stuff of legend among the press.

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The word regend uses 6 letters.

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

degner denger dregne edgren engerd gedren gender gendre genred gerden gneder greden grende

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deegnr eegnrd egnrde gnrdee nrdeeg rdeegn More >
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A Add - endager engarde enraged ganered gardeen gareden genader geraden gerenda gernade redange rengade gradeen grandee greande grenade dargene dengera derange angered
B Add - denberg
S Add - genders gendres
T Add - grented
V Add - dvergen
W Add - wengerd dwenger
Y Add - denergy

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gegen neder gden ngee dered gdn More >

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regendered regendering

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kaptenregendid aufregende erregende

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