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Feudal/Low Tech planets : 40kLore -
Edit: Technology and hardiness isn't the only ratings the imperium will go by. Feudal worlders live a strict regimentend life where they all know what their place and calling is. Every generation that lives and dies on the planet have experienced the exact same thing.

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Many Svazarm members thought that as any World War III would be fought with nuclear weapons, conventional military training was a complete waste of time and thus took up an apathetic view of the entire Svazarm enterprise.

The word letters
The word regimentend uses 11 letters.

The letters used in regimentend

D E E E G I M N N R T anagram solver >

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Word scramble of regimentend

deeegimnnrt eeegimnnrtd eegimnnrtde egimnnrtdee gimnnrtdeee imnnrtdeeeg mnnrtdeeegi nnrtdeeegim nrtdeeegimn rtdeeegimnn tdeeegimnnr More >
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Add one letter to the 'DEEEGIMNNRT' letters

C Add - decrementing
U Add - unregimented

Short words found in regimentend

ririmi rnie gegen dirent rmined ggered mimed ndered tei gidden remmen tiered tintti memre gieger eddini im ngengi imdm treend ted nrdi neder tete gden ringd gedit inim ntrti neni idi greigg More >

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