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Repetend Definition of Repetend by Merriam-Webster
Repetend definition is - a repeated sound, word, or phrase; specifically : refrain.

Repeating Definition of Repeating by Merriam-Webster
Repeating definition is - designed to load cartridges from a magazine.

Repetend Define Repetend at
Repetend definition, the part of a repeating decimal that is repeated, as 1234 in 0.123412341234. … See more.

Repetend definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Repetend definition: the digit or series of digits in a recurring decimal that repeats itself Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Repetend - definition of repetend by The Free Dictionary
Define repetend. repetend synonyms, repetend pronunciation, repetend translation, English dictionary definition of repetend. n. 1. A word, sound, or phrase that ...

Repeating - definition of repeating by The Free Dictionary
Define repeating. repeating synonyms, repeating pronunciation, repeating translation, English dictionary definition of repeating. v. re·peat·ed , re·peat·ing ...

Definition of Repetend - Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Sep 17, 1995 ... What is the definition of repetend? Where can I find its definition on the net?

repetend - definition and meaning - Wordnik
repetend: A word, sound, or phrase that is repeated; a refrain.

history is repeating itself (phrase) definition and synonyms ...
Define history is repeating itself (phrase) and get synonyms. What is history is repeating itself (phrase)? history is repeating itself (phrase) meaning, ...

repeating - Dictionary Definition :
They used these accounts to follow and tweet at one another, as well as at liberals, creating the semblance of an army of resisters mindlessly repeating ...

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The word repitend uses 8 letters.

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8 spelling changes that would make English easier

predient preident repinted dipteren

Word scramble of repitend

deeinprt eeinprtd einprtde inprtdee nprtdeei prtdeein rtdeeinp tdeeinpr More >
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A Add - pertained predetain pretained tipredane repainted diterpane
C Add - percentid precident prenticed
U Add - penditure preunited
V Add - prevident
Z Add - prezident

Short words found in repitend

rnie dirent ndered tei pedini tiered tintti eddini treend ted nrdi neder tete pinnp ntrti neni idi pnin More >

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