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Rescind Definition of Rescind by Merriam-Webster
The enemies these efforts made for him concocted charges of disloyalty, and following a hearing before the Atomic Energy Commission in 1954, Oppenheimer's security clearance was rescinded. ? Kai Bird et al., Smithsonian, Aug. 2005 But Maria convinced Leverich that she had the authority to rescind the executor's decision to appoint him as biographer.

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The word rescend uses 7 letters.

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cendres credens screend decerns

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cdeenrs deenrsc eenrscd enrscde nrscdee rscdeen scdeenr More >
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A Add - cardenes reascend cresenda ascender sancreed
T Add - nesterdc
U Add - nsecured cedrenus censured undersec
V Add - sendrecv
Y Add - resynced

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encc crsc ndered seeed cre rsd crescd cdns cresc scnee nrcs sesrs neder snene sence senne scds More >

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accrescendi crescendoed crescendoing crescending crescendo crescendos decrescendos crescendoes crescendi decrescendo

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