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Seal Define Seal at
an embossed emblem, figure, symbol, word, letter, etc., used as attestation or evidence of authenticity. 2. a stamp, medallion, ring, etc., engraved with such a device, for impressing paper, wax, lead, or the like: The king took the seal …

Seal Definition of Seal by Merriam-Webster
Definition of seal. plural. seals. also. seal. 1 : any of numerous carnivorous marine mammals (families Phocidae and Otariidae) that live chiefly in cold regions and have limbs modified into webbed flippers adapted primarily to swimming; especially : a fur seal or hair seal as opposed to a sea lion.

Seal - definition of seal by The Free Dictionary
seal 1. (s?l) n. 1. a. A device or material that is used to close off or fasten an opening or connection, especially to prevent the escape of a liquid or gas: used caulk as a seal around the window. b. An airtight closure: a door that lacks a tight seal.

seal Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
seal definition, meaning, what is seal: a large mammal that eats fish and lives partly in the sea and partly on land or ice. Learn more.

Seal legal definition of seal - Legal Dictionary
Definition of seal in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is seal? Meaning of seal as a legal term.

seal - Dictionary Definition :
A seal can be either the cute mammal at the aquarium balancing a beach ball on its nose, or the fancy stamp on your diploma that acts as an official "seal of approval" from your school. Seal is a tricky word since its meanings are so diverse.

Seal In Definition of Seal In by Merriam-Webster
Define seal in: to prevent (something that is in something else) from getting out or escaping ? seal in in a sentence

Seal dictionary definition seal defined
seal definition: The definition of a seal is a design pressed into wax or a marine mammal that lives and swims in cold waters. (noun) ...

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lss lel lsl se esl les aee ess lee sa lal els eel al sl ase ssl eaa sla sae aea as sls ss sas all las More >

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saelzler saelices saelee saelan saeland saelig saelem saelens saellite saelpa

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methusael misael isrsael assael isael phasael asael prifvsael armisael irsael

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fusaelage isaeli irsaelis olisaeloka jerusaelm phasaelus

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