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Define Salam. Salam synonyms, Salam pronunciation, Salam translation, English dictionary definition of Salam. Abdus 1926-1996.

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a salutation meaning “peace,” used especially in Islamic countries. 2. a very low bow or obeisance, especially with the palm of the right hand placed on the forehead. verb (used with or without object) 3. to salute with a salaam.

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Salaam Definition of Salaam by Merriam-Webster
Definition of salaam. 1 : an obeisance performed by bowing very low and placing the right palm on the forehead. 2 : a salutation or ceremonial greeting in the East.

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Definition of salam in the dictionary. Meaning of salam. What does salam mean? Information and translations of salam in the most comprehensive ...

Salaam - definition of salaam by The Free Dictionary
1. a salutation meaning “peace,” used esp. in Islamic countries. 2. a very low bow or obeisance, esp. with the palm of the right hand placed on the forehead. v.i., v.t. 3. to salute with a salaam.

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salaminian salamancas salamine salamun salamancait salamana salamida salamao salamuni salamo

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abdisalam visalam mossalam abdessalam guadosalam msalam darusalam musalam abdulsalam arunasalam

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Words containing salam

assalamu musalamma isalamic abdusalami ysalamiri mesalamine zasalamel abdulsalami mousalamy jsalamon

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