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Sames - definition of Sames by The Free Dictionary
Being the very one; identical: the same boat we rented before. 2. Similar in kind, quality, quantity, or degree: The ceremony went off with the same elegance that ...

Same Define Same at
Same definition, identical with what is about to be or has just been mentioned: This street is the same one we were on yesterday. See more.

Same Definition of Same by Merriam-Webster
Define same: resembling in every relevant respect; conforming in every respect ?used with as ? same in a sentence.

Selfsame Definition of Selfsame by Merriam-Webster
same, selfsame, very, identical, equivalent, equal mean not different or not differing from one another. same may imply and selfsame always implies that the  ...

Equivalent Definition of Equivalent by Merriam-Webster
Define equivalent: equal in force, amount, or value; also : equal in area or volume but not superposable ... 5 :having the same chemical combining capacity.

Community Definition of Community by Merriam-Webster
Define community: a unified body of individuals: such as; state, ... a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood). : a group ...

Same As Usual Definition of Same As Usual by Merriam-Webster
Define same as usual: as usually happens or as one usually does ? same as usual in a sentence.

Consanguineous Definition of Consanguineous by Merriam-Webster
Define consanguineous: of the same blood or origin; specifically : descended from the same ancestor ? consanguineous in a sentence.

Sale Definition of Sale by Merriam-Webster
Define sale: the act of selling; specifically : the transfer of ownership of and title to property ... The company made over one million dollars in sales this quarter.

same Definition of same in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of same - identical; not different, of an identical type; exactly similar.

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The word sames uses 5 letters.

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seams semas semsa sesam sesma ssame amess assem assme mases masse mesas messa msaes emass emsas esmas essam samse

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aemss emssa mssae ssaem saems More >
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T Add - esmats samtse masset mastes matess matses mestas smates ssmate stames steams
U Add - amuses seamus seumas massue assume asumes mauses aussem messua
V Add - savesm
W Add - wasmes wassem amesws
X Add - xmases
Y Add - essamy amessy amyses massey mayses myases
Z Add - mazess smazes

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mses amm maaa More >

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samesi samesome samestore samesex sameshima

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gemeinsames threesames sesames einsames arsames seltsames murasames

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