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WHO Definitions of HIA
Definitions of HIA. Many different people and organizations have defined HIA. Each definition is similar, differing through the emphasis given to particular components of the HIA approach.

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The word letters
The word sample uses 6 letters.

The letters used in sample

A E L M P S anagram solver >

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sampled samples sampling
Direct anagrams of sample

6 spelling changes that would make English easier

pelmas plames psalme psmela lampes sampel amples maples smaple palmes

Word scramble of sample

aelmps elmpsa lmpsae mpsael psaelm saelmp More >
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Add one letter to the 'AELMPS' letters

T Add - stample tsample maplets altemps amplest
U Add - pelumas ampelus ampules
X Add - exampls xamples xsample
Y Add - malepsy sampley

Short words found in sample

pppl lpa selle pssm lss passs salam lel saepe epm psmas slpp asale leeam esels spam amap paea eeps ameem More >

Words starting with sample

samplenormal samplecell sampledelic samplemen sampledrate sampley samplery samplesblowjob samplesearch samplecore

More >

Words ending in sample

downsample microsample enginesample xsample tsample biosample megasample multisample ensample intellisample

More >

Words containing sample

upsamples nonsampled gigasamples upsampled resampler unsampled downsampled resampled autosampler upsamplers

More >

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