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Rastafarian definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Rastafarian definition: A Rastafarian is a member of a Jamaican religious group which considers Haile Selassie,... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...

Rastafarian Define Rastafarian at
Amharic ras tafari Prince Tafari, the pre-coronation name of Haile Selassie ( ras prince, orig., head; tafari an Amharic personal name, literally, (one to be) feared, ...

Haile selassie Define Haile selassie at
Haile selassie definition, (Ras Tafari) 1891?1975, emperor of Ethiopia 1930?74: in exile 1936?41. See more.

Haile Selassie - definition of Haile Selassie by The Free Dictionary
Haile Selassie synonyms, Haile Selassie pronunciation, Haile Selassie translation, English dictionary definition of Haile Selassie. n title of Ras Tafari Makonnen.

Haile Selassie - Dictionary Definition :
During Emperor Haile Selassie's reign, as the country continued to open to the West, imported Peugeot cars with inbuilt ashtrays encourage smoking among ...

Haile Selassie I dictionary definition Haile Selassie I defined
Haile Selassie I. Hai·le Se·las·sie I. Title of Ras Tafari Makonnen. 1892-1975. Emperor of Ethiopia (1930-1974). After the Italian invasion of his country (1936), ...

Haile Selassie I - Dictionary definition of Haile Selassie I ...
Definition of Haile Selassie I ? Our online dictionary has Haile Selassie I information from World Encyclopedia dictionary. English ...

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The word selase uses 6 letters.

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