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Sella definition of sella by Medical dictionary
a saddle-shaped depression. adj., adj sel´lar. empty sella see empty-sella syndrome. sella tur´cica a depression on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone,  ...

Sella Define Sella at
Sella definition, Zillah. See more. ... At another point in the film, Dr. Sella even confesses that they are indeed aborting babies that have been brought to term.

Sella Turcica Medical Definition Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
Medical definition of sella turcica: a depression in the middle line of the upper surface of the sphenoid bone in which the pituitary gland is lodged.

Sellar Medical Definition Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
Medical definition of sellar: of, relating to, or involving the sella turcica.

sella Definition of sella in US English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of sella in US English - a depression in the sphenoid bone, containing the pituitary gland.

Sella definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Sella definition: Phillipe ( filip ). French Rugby Union football player ; played 111 internationals for... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Definition of sella turcica - NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms - National ...
Definition of sella turcica. ... sella turcica: listen (SEL-uh TER-sih-kuh): A depression of the bone at the base of the skull where the pituitary gland is located.

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