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Sea Define Sea at
the salt waters that cover the greater part of the earth's surface. 2. a division of these waters, of considerable extent, more or less definitely marked off by land boundaries: the North Sea. 3. one of the seven seas; ocean.

Sea Definition of Sea by Merriam-Webster
1a : a great body of salt water that covers much of the earth; broadly : the waters of the earth as distinguished from the land and airb : a body of salt water of second rank more or less landlocked the Mediterranean seac : oceand : an inland body of water ?used especially for names of such bodies the Caspian Sea.

Sess - definition of sess by The Free Dictionary
Define sess. sess synonyms, sess pronunciation, sess translation, English dictionary definition of sess. n dialect an impost or tax vb archaic to assess ; to impose ...

Seas definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Seas definition: the sea at a particular time or in a particular area Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Sea - definition of sea by The Free Dictionary
Define sea. sea synonyms, ... The condition of the ocean's surface with regard to its course, flow, swell, or turbulence: a rising sea; choppy seas. b.

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28 definitions of SEAS. Meaning of SEAS. What does SEAS stand for? SEAS abbreviation. Define SEAS at

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The word sesas uses 5 letters.

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disesase disesases

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