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Sessa definition: an exclamation found in Shakespeare , of unknown meaning ; suggestions include 'be gone',... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...

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Define sessa. sessa synonyms, sessa pronunciation, sessa translation, English dictionary definition of sessa. interj an exclamation found in Shakespeare, ...

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Definition of sessa in the dictionary. ... Information and translations of sessa in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Concentrator Definition of Concentrator by Merriam-Webster
Concentrator definition is - one that concentrates: such as. ... Bill Sessa, a spokesman for the corrections department, said the system the state is designing to ...

Resuscitate dictionary definition resuscitate defined - YourDictionary
The students are taking a CPR class to learn how to resuscitate someone who has stopped breathing. Licensed from GettyImages. verb. Resuscitate is defined  ...

The word letters
The word sessa uses 5 letters.

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A E S S S anagram solver >

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sesas ssaes asses essas sases sasse

Word scramble of sessa

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T Add - essats seasts sestas assest assets asstes stases stessa tasses tessas
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Short words found in sessa

se More >

Words starting with sessa

sessay sessang sessalee sessan sessai sessano sessarago

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Words ending in sessa

posessa disessa prinsessa kerroksessa

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Words containing sessa

possessary nessessarily unnesessary prinsessakerho assessably nesessary unessessarily unassessableness assessability prinsessas

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