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Shorter Define Shorter at
Shorter definition, Frank, born 1947, U.S. marathon runner. See more.

Short Definition of Short by Merriam-Webster
Define short: having little length; not tall or high : low; not extended in time : brief ? short in a sentence

Short Define Short at
Short definition, having little length; not long. See more.

Shorten Definition of Shorten by Merriam-Webster
Define shorten: to reduce the length or duration of; to cause to seem short; to reduce in power or efficiency ? shorten in a sentence

Short dictionary definition short defined
The definition of short is something that is not long, that measures a minimal distance from one end to the other, or that does not last for a long time. An example of short is a walk that lasts only five minutes. An example of short …

Selling short Definition -
Selling short: read the definition of Selling short and 8,000+ other financial and investing terms in the Financial Glossary.

The word letters
The word shorer uses 6 letters.

The letters used in shorer

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

roehrs rosher errohs horser orhers

Word scramble of shorer

ehorrs horrse orrseh rrseho rsehor sehorr More >
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Add one letter to the 'EHORRS' letters

A Add - sahorer hoarser sheraro
B Add - sherbro
C Add - rochers roscher schorer schorre schroer
D Add - horders sherrod shroder
T Add - stohrer stroher rhetors rothers horster shorter
V Add - shrover
W Add - sherrow
Y Add - shroyer

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rrh sesrs seher sore sooo More >

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