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Rajasinha I of Sitawaka - Wikipedia
Rajasinghe I (Sinhala:?????? ???????) was a king of the Kingdom of Sitawaka.He is known for his extreme bravery and patriotism. Born as Tikiri Bandara to King Mayadunne of the Kingdom of Sitawaka, the name "Rajasinha" was given to him after a fierce battle against Portuguese forces.Rajasinha means the King of Lions (or the Lion King).

Kingdom of Sitawaka -
The Kingdom of Sitawaka (Sinhala: ??????) was a kingdom located in south-central Sri Lanka. It emerged from the division of the kingdom of Kotte following the Spoiling of Vijayabahu in 1521, and over the course of the next seventy years came to dominate much of the island.

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