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Slap Define Slap at
verb (used with object), slapped, slap·ping. to strike sharply, especially with the open hand or with something flat. to bring (the hand, something flat, etc.) with a ...

Slap Definition of Slap by Merriam-Webster
Slap definition is - opening, breach. How to use slap in a ... 2 : to put, place, or throw with careless haste or force slapped on a coat of paint. 3 : to assail verbally : ...

slap (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define slap (verb) and get synonyms. What is slap (verb)? slap ... Then, with a resounding smack, she slapped Claudia's face. Synonyms and related words.

SLAP definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
His friends slapped him on the back when he said he was getting married (= hit him lightly on the back in a friendly way to express pleasure at what he had ...

Slap definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Word forms: slaps, slapping, slapped. 1. transitive verb. If you slap someone, you hit them with the palm of your hand. He would push or slap her once in a while.

Slapper - definition of slapper by The Free Dictionary
Define slapper. slapper synonyms, slapper pronunciation, slapper translation, English dictionary definition of slapper. n. 1. a. A sharp blow made with the open  ...

Slapper dictionary definition slapper defined - YourDictionary
Noun. (plural slappers). (countable) One who, or that which, slaps. (countable, slang, dated) Anything monstrous; a whopper. (countable, UK, Ireland, slang) A ...

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The word slappe uses 6 letters.

The letters used in slappe

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

lappes sapple appels apples sppeal

Word scramble of slappe

aelpps elppsa lppsae ppsael psaelp saelpp More >
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T Add - stapple lappets applets
U Add - papules upleaps uppsale usapple appleus appluse appulse
Y Add - slappey

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pppl lpa selle lss passs lel saepe slpp asale esels paea eeps More >

Words starting with slappe

slapper slappers slappey slapped

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Words ending in slappe

No anagrams for Words ending in slappe

Words containing slappe

backslapper kneeslapper unslapped backslappers backslapped cyberslapped

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