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Slim Define Slim at
Slim definition, slender, as in girth or form; slight in build or structure. See more.

SLIM definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
slim meaning: 1. (especially of people) attractively thin: 2. very small: 3. to try to get thinner by eating less food and doing more exercise: . Learn more.

Slim Definition of Slim by Merriam-Webster
Slim definition is - of small diameter or thickness in proportion to the height or length : slender. How to use slim in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of slim.

slim Definition of slim in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of slim - (of a person or their build) gracefully thin; slender, (of something abstract, especially a chance or margin) very small, crafty,

slim - Dictionary Definition :
Anything slim is thin or narrow. So, your sister may be considered slim, and you could also have "a slim chance" of winning the lottery.

Slim definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Slim definition: A slim person has an attractively thin and well-shaped body. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Slimmest definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Slimmest definition: → slim Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Sleek - definition of sleek by The Free Dictionary
Define sleek. sleek synonyms, sleek pronunciation, sleek translation, English dictionary definition of sleek. adj. sleek·er , sleek·est 1. a. Smooth and lustrous as if ...

SLIM - Definition by AcronymFinder
13 definitions of SLIM. Meaning of SLIM. What does SLIM stand for? SLIM abbreviation. Define SLIM at

The word letters
The word sleam uses 5 letters.

The letters used in sleam

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selam selma slame smale smeal almes amels amsel lames leams lemas lsame maels males masel masle meals melas melsa mesal elams elmas elsam eslam salem salme samel samle

Word scramble of sleam

aelms elmsa lmsae msael saelm More >
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T Add - amstel amtels lamest lamets malets maltes mastel matles melsta metals saltem samlet samtel slamet stelma
U Add - amelus maules muelas musale museal salume sameul samuel samule smauel sulema sumela ulemas
V Add - samvel selvam
W Add - melwas samwel semwal swaeml
X Add - lexmas samlex slamex xamels
Y Add - maelys masley mayles maysel measly meslay salemy samely yealms yeslam ysmael
Z Add - maszle slezam

Short words found in sleam

lss lel slam lmm mses lals amm maaa mals lsl alll More >

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