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Son Define Son at
a son-in-law. a person related as if by ties of sonship.; a male person looked upon as the product or result of particular agencies, forces, influences, etc.: a true son of the soil. a familiar term of address to a man or boy from an older person, an ecclesiastic, etc.

Son of a bitch Define Son of a bitch at
The first of these terms, calling a man the son of a female dog, dates from the early 1300s and is considered vulgar enough to have given rise to the two variants, both euphemisms. The first variant, an abbreviation, dates from World War I.

Prodigal Definition of Prodigal by Merriam-Webster
Midway through the book, Ames is surprised when Gilead’s prodigal son returns from a 20-year absence: Jack Boughton, whose father is the town’s Presbyterian minister and Ames’s best friend.

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