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Restart Definition of Restart by Merriam-Webster
Define restart: to start anew; to resume (something, such as an activity) after interruption; to resume operation ? restart in a sentence

State of mind - definition of state of mind by The Free ...
Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. state of mind - a temporary psychological state frame of mind temporary state - a state that continues ...

Startled Define Startled at
Startled definition, to disturb or agitate suddenly as by surprise or alarm. See more.

Startle - definition of startle by The Free Dictionary
Define startle. startle synonyms, startle pronunciation, startle translation, English dictionary definition of startle. v. star·tled , star·tling , ...

Stare Definition of Stare by Merriam-Webster
Define stare: to look fixedly often with wide-open eyes; to show oneself conspicuously ? stare in a sentence

Self-starter Define Self-starter at
Self-starter definition, starter (def 3). See more.

State legal definition of state -
Definition of state in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is state? Meaning of state as a legal term.

Stare decisis legal definition of stare decisis
Definition of stare decisis in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is stare decisis?

Legal Definition of Stare Decisis
STARE DECISIS. Lat. "to stand by that which is decided." The principal that the precedent decisions are to be followed by the courts. To abide or adhere to decided cases.

What are startup costs? definition and meaning ...
Definition of startup costs: Non-recurring costs associated with setting up a business, such as accountant's fees, legal fees, registration charges, ...

What characteristics define a state -
A population of people A sovereign government that determines how a group of people is ruled A territory with set borders Some characteristics that define a state ...

Excited State Definition in Chemistry - ThoughtCo
This is the definition of an excited state in chemistry and physics and explanation of how it works.

The word letters
The word starte uses 6 letters.

The letters used in starte

A E R S T T anagram solver >

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

rattes restat rstate estart estatr estrat sarett satter aretts settar artest astert atrest atters staert staret stater steart straet strate streat tartes taster taters testar testra tetras traest trates treats

Word scramble of starte

aerstt erstta rsttae sttaer ttaers taerst More >
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Add one letter to the 'AERSTT' letters

U Add - statuer stature stauter steuart tauster trautes treatus rattues sautter astuter
V Add - travest tvertsa vatster
W Add - stewart stwater stweart swatter tewarts twastre warsett watters
X Add - startex stratex texstar
Y Add - tastery tyresta yatters
Z Add - staretz statzer straetz

Short words found in starte

attes raes sataa sesrs rasar tete stat stte sears stss ettre sate More >

Words starting with starte

startelement starten startegies startech started startext startedin starter startegy startede

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Words ending in starte

astarte demonstarte sabellastarte illustarte

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Words containing starte

kickstarted firestarters autostarter estarter jumpstarted outstarter eurostarters outstarted firestarter astartes

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