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Startline dictionary definition startline defined - YourDictionary
startline definition: Noun (plural startlines) 1. A line marking the start of something, such as a race. 2. A deadline by which a project, etc. must be started.

Starting Line Definition of Starting Line by Merriam-Webster
Define starting line: a line that marks the beginning of a race.

Starting line - definition of starting line by The Free Dictionary
Define starting line. starting line synonyms, starting line pronunciation, starting line translation, English dictionary definition of starting line. n. Sports The point or ...

What is a timeline? definition and meaning -
Definition of timeline: General: Line drawn on a suitable scale (days, months, years, centuries, ... First timeline is the start line and the last one is the finish line.

line Definition of line in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of line - a long, narrow mark or band, a length of cord, rope, wire, or other ... 'a good position at the start line will put you in the front rank on the first leg'.

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