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7. Calling \@startsection
From an excellent tutorial page, we find that the \@startsection command is used by all the various sectioning commands. This command is defined in the latex.ltx file. It takes six arguments.

Where can I find help files or documentation for commands ...
I can't find official documentation for the \@startsection command. I already looked in: LaTeX Wikibook LaTeX: Structured document for TEX, 2008 beginLatex ? a …

sectioning - Using \MakeUppercase in \@startsection - TeX ...
I was toying a bit with the \@startsection command to change the layout of chapter / section headings. More specifically, I wanted my headers to be converted to uppercase. I …

How to create a \subsubsubsection The TeX FAQ
Before attempting this sort of work, you are well advised to read the LaTeX sources (ltsect.dtx in the LaTeX distribution) and the source of the standard packages (classes.dtx), or to make use of the LaTeX Companion, which discusses the use of \@startsection for this sort of thing.

Squish Tip: Using startSection/endSection to improve test ...
Squish 6 introduces a new feature for helping to document parts of a test case. test.startSection(title, description) can be used to describe the start of something. The description is optional and also shows up in the test results file. test.endSection() is used to describe its end point. Sections are especially useful for marking groups of related results in data-driven testing, …

VarSTARTSECTION < System < Foswiki
STARTSECTION -- marks the start of a section within a topic Section boundaries are defined with %STARTSECTION{}% and %ENDSECTION{}% . Sections may be given a name to help identify them, and/or a type, which changes how they are used.

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A C E I N O R S S T T T anagram solver >

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