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Starets - Wikipedia
A starets (Russian: стáрец; IPA: [?star??t?s]; fem. стáрица) is an elder of a Russian Orthodox monastery who functions as venerated adviser and teacher.

Philokalia - Wikipedia
The Philokalia (Ancient Greek: φιλοκαλ?α "love of the beautiful, the good", from φιλ?α philia "love" and κ?λλο? kallos "beauty") is "a collection ...

Starets ? Wikipédia
Sur les autres projets Wikimedia:

Now is not the time to speak of restoring monarchy?Bp ...
Russian startsy also spoke about one last Tsar who would be pious, with an iron will, who would oppose the antichrist. And St. John of Shanghai spoke about this in ...

Les Frères Karamazov ? Wikipédia
Les Frères Karamazov (en russe : Братья Карамазовы) est le dernier roman de l'écrivain russe Fiodor Dostoïevski. Publié sous forme de feuilleton ...

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