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to begin or set out, as on a journey or activity. 2. to appear or come suddenly into action, life, view, etc.; rise or issue suddenly forth. 3. to spring, move, or dart suddenly from a position or place:

Start Definition of Start by Merriam-Webster
Definition of start for English Language Learners. : to do the first part of something : to begin doing something. : to begin to work on, produce, or give attention to (something) : to cause (something) to begin : to cause (something) to begin in a specified way.

Start - definition of start by The Free Dictionary
start (start) v. start·ed, start·ing, starts v.intr. 1. a. To begin a movement, activity, or undertaking: She started to dance. The dog started barking. Once we ...

Starting - definition of starting by The Free Dictionary
Define starting. starting synonyms, starting pronunciation, starting translation, English dictionary definition of starting. v. start·ed , start·ing , ...

Begin Definition of Begin by Merriam-Webster
Define begin: to do the first part of an action : go into the first part of a process : start; to come into existence : arise ? begin in a sentence

Start dictionary definition start defined
The definition of a start is the beginning or first part of something. An example of start is the beginning of a novel. Start is defined as to begin, set out to appear or to move suddenly. An example of start is to begin work on a long research project.

What is startup? definition and meaning ...
Definition of startup: ... Those who want to start a business off on the right foot need to engage in some careful planning and then take some important legal ...

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