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Satisfactory Definition of Satisfactory by Merriam-Webster
The job requires a satisfactory level of performance. Results are less satisfactory than had been anticipated. He gave a satisfactory account of how the accident had happened. The movie was brought to a satisfactory close. His work has been satisfactory, but not outstanding.

Satisfactory - definition of satisfactory by The Free ...
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Stupefaction Definition of Stupefaction by Merriam-Webster
? Longreads, "When Sartre and Beauvoir Started a Magazine," 10 Apr. 2018 Unprecedented, too, is the stupefaction engendered by an American president refusing to name the crime and the criminals, thereby fraying still further the foundational compact of contemporary America.

Manufactory - definition of manufactory by The Free Dictionary
One manufactory alone produces it; and, lest the secret should be betrayed, the Workmen are annually consumed, and fresh ones introduced. View in context The booms were tearing at the blocks, the rudder was banging to and fro, and the whole ship creaking, groaning, and jumping like a manufactory .

subfactor Definition of subfactor in English by Oxford ...
Definition of subfactor - A person employed as a subordinate to a factor; (Scottish) an assistant to a factor whose main duty is to collect rent. Now histor

satisfactory - Dictionary Definition :
If something's satisfactory it's okay ? acceptable, but maybe not great. When you take a course pass/fail, your grade will be satisfactory if you meet all the requirements and do a reasonable job, or unsatisfactory if you don't.

What is SAP SuccessFactors? - Definition from
This definition is part of our Essential Guide: How SAP is handling the social media explosion Share this item with your network: SAP SuccessFactors is a major vendor of cloud-based human capital management ( HCM ) software and talent management software .

The word letters
The word startupfactory uses 14 letters.

The letters used in startupfactory

A A C F O P R R S T T T U Y anagram solver >

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No Direct anagrams for startupfactory found in this word list.

Word scramble of startupfactory

aacfoprrstttuy acfoprrstttuya cfoprrstttuyaa foprrstttuyaac oprrstttuyaacf prrstttuyaacfo rrstttuyaacfop rstttuyaacfopr stttuyaacfoprr tttuyaacfoprrs ttuyaacfoprrst tuyaacfoprrstt uyaacfoprrsttt yaacfoprrstttu More >
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utsu yous crsc ccfr furors prous coc uspstf sysco atsuta cfay ucsc soroa sataa orta toras cocoas suppot puros cpfr ayta ofusu passs susp ratufa torrs cpau couso ot ccspa acusa rupus you urtas usy rfs uoss rasar catura cycs atyp ptco stat tayac sapt usf ucrs pouts ccff rppc More >

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