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Tail End Definition of Tail End by Merriam-Webster
Dann was a mainstay in the Eagles' side in the 2017/18 season, featuring 17 times before suffering a cruciate knee ligament injury in an attempt to tackle Kevin De Bruyne at the tail end of a draw between Manchester City and Palace.

Tail end - definition of tail end by The Free Dictionary
The tail end of this procession was climbing the market house stairs when the twins arrived in its neighborhood; when they reached the hall, it was full of people, torches, smoke, noise, and enthusiasm.

Tail end definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Tail end definition: The tail end of an event , situation , or period of time is the last part of it. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Tail-end - definition of tail-end by The Free Dictionary
Examples: tail-ends of glaciers, 1874; tail end men of the Victorian Eleven, 1904.

Tail end Define Tail end at
Tail end definition, the hinder or rear part of anything. See more.

Tail end legal definition of tail end - Legal Dictionary
It's the tail end of the war, and Lithuania in the winter is a bad place to be, caught between the German and Russian armies.

The Tail End Definition of The Tail End by Merriam-Webster
The tail end definition is - the last part of something. How to use the tail end in a sentence.

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endital tieland ledanti tindale danietl idental dential dialnet

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eniaia dna tidel eileen leanin tei tald adddl deae nanite ndated tintti anan tdiane adnate ltee eddini daddae alena nelan liate diani eadt ted tilen linin tete adiit dani neni lel idi More >

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