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Ted Definition of Ted by Merriam-Webster
Define ted: to spread or turn from the swath and scatter (new-mown grass) for drying.

What is TED talk? - Definition from
A TED talk is a presentation at the main TED (technology, entertainment, design) conference or one of its many satellite events around the world. The first TED ...

ted Definition of ted in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of ted - turn over and spread out (grass, hay, or straw) to dry or for bedding.

Ted Define Ted at
Ted definition, to spread out for drying, as newly mown hay. See more.

Ted - definition of ted by The Free Dictionary
To strew or spread (newly mown grass, for example) for drying. [Middle English tedden, ultimately (perhaps via Old English *teddan) akin to Old Norse teðja, ...

Ted definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Ted definition: A Ted is the same as a → Teddy boy . Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Ted dictionary definition ted defined - YourDictionary
to spread or scatter (newly cut grass) for drying as hay. Origin of ted. Middle English tedden, probably from Old Norse tethja, to spread manure from ...

TED - Definition by AcronymFinder
68 definitions of TED. Meaning of TED. What does TED stand for? TED abbreviation. Define TED at

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The word ted uses 3 letters.

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det dte edt etd tde

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te ee de ed td et dt dd tt More >

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tedas tedi tedholm tedards tedwilliams teddy tediously tedescan tedisome tedaldo

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unbesmutted preallocated cosseted uncheckmated hted delted augumented undifferentiated hopeprotested sauted

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stansteds uninstructedly uncollectedness reportednet quotedblright emaciatedd tistedalen nordstedts reputedly selectedcar

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