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Townshend Define Townshend at
Townshend definition, English politician, chancellor of the exchequer for whom the Townshend Acts are named. See more.

Townshend acts Define Townshend acts at
Townshend acts definition, acts of the British Parliament in 1767, especially the act that placed duties on tea, paper, lead, paint, etc., imported into the American ...

Townshend definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Townshend definition: Charles , 2nd Viscount , nicknamed Turnip Townshend. 1674?1738, English politician and... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...

Townshend - definition of Townshend by The Free Dictionary
Define Townshend. Townshend synonyms, Townshend pronunciation, Townshend translation, English dictionary definition of Townshend. Charles 1725 -1767.

Townsend - definition of Townsend by The Free Dictionary
Define Townsend. Townsend synonyms, Townsend pronunciation, Townsend translation, English dictionary definition of Townsend. Noun 1. Townsend - United ...

The Townshend Acts: Definition, Summary & Facts
The thorny issue was seemingly resolved by Charles Townshend, the new British Prime Minister in 1767. Townshend's innovation was to take the American ...

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The word townshend uses 9 letters.

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dehnnostw ehnnostwd hnnostwde nnostwdeh nostwdehn ostwdehnn stwdehnno twdehnnos wdehnnost More >
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woodes shnw wdn wdhs hdwe seeed wnsh tewed dosth ot showed oesson ted sendo twente ntohs owns tete snene nowthe nons snoods senne hoten tested More >

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