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Discworld characters - Wikipedia
Bergholdt Stuttley 'Bloody Stupid' Johnson is an inept engineer and landscape artist, famous the Disc over for a single-minded approach to his crafts that can best be described as 'demented'.

The Slacker - TV Tropes
Another thing to note is that most slacker stories tend to have a strong point of view: either the slacker is a lovable goof who's better than the Type A personalities around them, or he's an irresponsible asshole who needs to shape up.

Flora and fauna of the Discworld - Wikipedia
Fauna Ambiguous Puzuma. A big cat with a unique black and white check coat, the ambiguous puzuma is the Disc's fastest animal. Due to the Disc's standing magical field, which slows down light to approximately the speed of sound, the puzuma can actually achieve near-light-speed.Therefore, seeing a puzuma in motion means it isn't there. Puzumas commonly die from complications caused by Sangrit ...

The Charmer - TV Tropes
The Jack-The-Lad. Cocky, cheeky and devil-may-care, he's the type of guy you can't help but like, even as he's wrapping you around his little finger. Especially if you're a woman?most of the time?and The Charmer knows this all too well. As a result, if there's a file he wants to see in a filing ...

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A'Tuin, la Grande Tartaruga, è l'enorme testuggine su cui è fondato il Mondo Disco.Ne Il colore della magia viene descritta con membra poderose ricoperte d'idrogeno ghiacciato, l'antico ed enorme carapace bucherellato da crateri di meteore, occhi grandi come il mare incrostati dai reumi e dalla polvere di asteroidi ed un cervello più grande di una città.

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The word tugelbend uses 9 letters.

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B D E E G L N T U anagram solver >

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No Direct anagrams for tugelbend found in this word list.

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bdeeglntu deeglntub eeglntubd eglntubde glntubdee lntubdeeg ntubdeegl tubdeegln ubdeeglnt More >
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udt engulu gegen neu nebe bdb engle bundee ltee ldb beng delg tueng ted tete gden gun ungg belbe lel ndell More >

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