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Reverend Definition of Reverend by Merriam-Webster
Prince George’s ceremony was officiated by the same reverend, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who will officiate Louis’s. ? Rachel E. Greenspan, Time , "Prince Louis' Christening Venue Has a Poignant Tie to Princess Diana.

Reverend Define Reverend at
(initial capital letter) (used as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order): Reverend Timothy Cranshaw; Reverend Mother. …

Reverend - definition of reverend by The Free Dictionary
The Reverend Septimus Crisparkle (Septimus, because six little brother Crisparkles before him went out, one by one, as they were born, like six weak little rushlights, as they were lighted), having broken the thin morning ice near Cloisterham Weir with his amiable head, much to the invigoration of his frame, was now assisting his circulation by boxing at a looking-glass with great science and prowess.

Reverend dictionary definition reverend defined
The definition of reverend is someone who deserves respect and gratitude, such as a member of the clergy. A minister in the Episcopal church is an example of someone reverend. noun. Reverend means a clergy person. A Presbyterian minister is an example of a reverend.

Reverence - definition of reverence by The Free Dictionary
Define reverence. reverence synonyms, reverence pronunciation, reverence translation, English dictionary definition of reverence. n. 1. A feeling of profound awe and respect and often love. See Synonyms at honor. 2. An act showing respect, especially a bow or curtsy. 3. Reverence Used...

Rev Define Rev at
rev up, to increase in strength or accelerate sharply: The economy is beginning to rev up.

Rev. legal definition of rev. - Legal Dictionary
Thus, for a change in method of accounting utilizing the 3 1/2 month rule or the recurring-item exception in conjunction with a change to a method provided by the final regulations, a taxpayer must file two separate applications for a change in method of accounting--an application for a change in method of accounting under this revenue procedure to change to the method of accounting provided in the final …

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