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uprooter - Dictionary Definition :
Because of their uninstructed years and freedom from responsibility, children often become radical, uprooters and destroyers at the imperious behest of the ...

Uprooter - definition of uprooter by The Free Dictionary
tr.v. up·root·ed, up·root·ing, up·roots. 1. To pull up (a plant and its roots) from the ground. 2. To destroy or remove completely; eradicate. 3. To force to leave an ...

Uprun - definition of uprun by The Free Dictionary
Define uprun. uprun synonyms, uprun pronunciation, uprun translation, English dictionary definition of uprun. vb obsolete to run up or ascend.

Uproot Definition of Uproot by Merriam-Webster
Define uproot: to remove as if by pulling up; to pull up by the roots; ... did and as Wu did as a child to emigrate to Canada, requires uprooting your entire life.

Uproot Define Uproot at
Uproot definition, to pull out by or as if by the roots: The hurricane uprooted many trees and telephone poles. See more. ... uprooter, noun. Synonyms Expand.

uproot (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define uproot (verb) and get synonyms. What is uproot (verb)? uproot (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

Uproot definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Uproot definition: If you uproot yourself or if you are uprooted , you leave, or are made to leave, a place ... ...the trauma of uprooting themselves from their homes.

uproot Definition of uproot in US English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of uproot in US English - pull (something, especially a tree or plant) out of the ground, move (someone) from their home or a familiar location.

Uprooting - Definition : Dictionary, Words That Start With ...
What does the word uprooting mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word uprooting in our free online dictionary!

The word letters
The word uprooters uses 9 letters.

The letters used in uprooters

E O O P R R S T U anagram solver >

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eurosport supoorter

Word scramble of uprooters

eooprrstu ooprrstue oprrstueo prrstueoo rrstueoop rstueoopr stueooprr tueooprrs ueooprrst More >
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utsu ospore rupert stoere prous sorter suppot prose puros espers repose susp torrs ot rupus sesrs uoss tsue tete sore pouts trop More >

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